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As an agency, your work with clients covers many of their needs. However, there are technology demands that can be difficult to fulfill. Rest assured, we are a trusted, long-term partner for your app development needs. At Perfected App, we develop apps much faster than anyone in the market.
02Design & Marketing

Design and

We want you to concentrate your resources on what you are good at, adding value to the contract of your client. The concept of the app should be fully defined and ready to program. That would include a general feature list from the client that is represented by the UI and UX. Once the final design is ready, we ask that you send over the files either in PSD or Sketch 3 format.


It is at this stage, we look at the whole project and create a proposal that allows you to deliver on time and within budget to your client. We’re eager to create long-term partnerships and relationships built on trust, so there are no surprise hidden fees. Our business model means that partners will get a price below the industry rate, enabling them to add a sizeable markup to increase profit margins, while the client still gets competitive rates and premium service. This gives both us and our clients a distinct competitive advantage.


Here, we take over. With our AI assisted technology and team of elite developers, your app is going to be completed within a few weeks.Everything we deliver is release-ready and each app is created at the fingertips of some of the world’s finest developers, secured with our state of the art technology.

Release and

The excellence of the end product is our priority. As a project comes to an end, we will present your release-ready app so you can review its functionality and ensure that you are happy with it. Only then do we request final payment. Once completed, we transfer the code to you.


If your client would like to make changes to the app or add new features, our process is the same. We are eager to set up long term relationships with you as a partner. We want to ensure that your clients are happy, even if after we have met the requirements between our two firms.