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About us

Our promise.

We have identified three major pressure points everyone experiences in mobile app development:

  1. Mobile app development is time-consuming. The average app takes six months to a year or more of development. This takes away from the company's focusing on business development and time-to-market.
  2. Developers for mobile apps are expensive, turnover is high and frequently leave before projects are completed. Finding and managing them can be a challenge even for experienced CTOs.
  3. Outsourcing mobile development is convoluted, non-transparent, without a fixed budget or fixed delivery date and quite often limited in quality.

At Perfected App, we believe it should not be such a dreadful process. We firmly believe it should resemble a much more pleasant and simple experience, similar to a client buying a product off the shelf. You know what you are getting, at what cost, when you want it and with guaranteed satisfaction.

Core Values


We will never hide behind technical words or complex concepts. We tell it plain and simple, a fully transparent and accountable process, so you will always know in advance how your resources are being used and how long the development will take.


In the ever-changing tech world, the only experts are the ones who embrace change. That is why our company puts a strong emphasis on continued learning, education, and growth for our employees.


We place great importance on learning, sharing, exploration, and work-life balance. Our work environment is not simply about punching the clock. We believe in what we do and want to share our passion and drive to excellence with our clients.

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Perfected App offers risk free service under the terms and conditions of the project. All projects require a minimal down-payment and must have clear specifications for fixed-price and fixed-delivery date.