Perfected App

Introducing Perfected App

June 01, 2017

Introducing Perfected App

The Cross-Platform Mobile & App Development Firm

Perfected App is a leading app development firm specialising in cross-platform development. Our trade is focused and tailored to benefit you, our client, our partner. We work with startups, mid-sized businesses, and corporate clients with a real cooperation to meet business needs that reach beyond industry standards. We are looking for long-term success, just like you.

With our office in London, all development is done in-house by our team. You don’t have to worry about work being outsourced to Ukrainian or Indian offshore companies. Rest assured, you receive the quality code at the level of one of the strongest startup and hi-tech countries in the world. Furthermore, we provide weekly updates with full transparency so that our work can easily be evaluated. It’s important for our clients to be fully informed.

We work with three main technologies: Xamarin, NodeJS with Loopback framework, and AngularJS. Due to our specialisation in these three technologies alone, we have optimised and built in-house tools to limit the time for development and maintenance of all our projects. We also do not spread ourselves out too much with many different service options. This allows us to be experts in our domain.


With the technology of Xamarin, we build high-performance and cross-platform applications that perform at a native level and in some cases, even better. Unlike HTML5 applications, there is no performance degradation. Xamarin allows for the use of native libraries and C# PCL packages for even more exciting opportunities. In short, the options available via Xamarin are higher than pure native.

We also have built SDK tools that have to lead to our partnership with the company StrongLoop. StrongLoop is the creators of the Loopback framework and is one of the largest companies to contribute to the NodeJS source. The tools we have built using their framework cuts the time of development by having auto-generated service layer code integration for Xamarin mobile apps and AngularJS web apps. We are their only mobile development partner.

Finally, we use AngularJS for all of our web application projects. Due to the support from Google and the active community, we view it as one of the best choices to go with for a rich web application. With so many options out there that are growing weekly, it’s necessary to have a reliable and stable technology.

Whether you have a great idea, want more information about our services or simply just want to learn more about our approach to technology, send us a message. We would be happy to talk to you and provide advice to help you and your venture, even if we do not have the pleasure of work together. The startup world is a community based on support.