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“Does My Business Need Its Own App”? Advice from the Experts

January 18, 2016


“Does My Business Need Its Own App?” Advice from the Experts

How would having an app improve your business? Would it earn you more money? Would it improve customer satisfaction? We asked our experts why it’s essential to develop an app.

With mobile users on their devices more than ever–and roughly 90% of their mobile media time spent on apps — it’s imperative to cash in on this market. Would having a mobile app improve business for you? Could you double–or even triple– your business revenue?

If the following points make sense for your business, contact a mobile app development company for a free consultation to start earning you revenue.


  1. A Better Relationship with Your Clients

Your business will be more accessible and interactive than ever. At any time, at any hour day or night, your business can be accessed through the app–right at someone’s fingertips! Sure, there are websites, but they require several steps, and being on a computer. An app can be opened in a single-click from a mobile device! In today’s fast-moving and impatient world, this means more traffic to your product or service. You will have made yourself more convenient and available to your customers.


  1. Increased Revenue

In-app purchases readily available at any time of the day, with virtually no overhead or effort from you or your team, and also ad revenue. This ad revenue works in a similar way to traditional web marketing on computers, but with the ever-growing number of hours people are spending on their phones, it’s the number one way to advertise. Time to cash in on this!


  1. You Are Always on Their Mind

Having your app icon on someone’s phone means they’re reminded of your business/product every time they scroll through their phone. No matter how distracting life can get, they will always see your logo and be reminded of your business or service.


  1. The Best Marketing

Mobile marketing is the latest and greatest way to market your product or service. And push notifications are a sensational way to market, and are almost guaranteed to be read, more than any other means of delivering a marketing message. For instance, emails have a 20% open rate, and only a 5% click rate of links within that email. Push notifications have a whopping 60% open rate. What do these numbers mean? Your product or services are looked at! It’s the newest and most superior form of marketing available. You can also update your users every time you have a new product, tool, feature, or service rate/deal. It’s a direct marketing tool to get that information to their mobile.


  1. Customer Loyalty

Your users will feel connected and loyal to you. Having an app means a better, closer relationship with your clients. You’re more likely to get repeat business and/or subscriptions. And the users will be more likely to recommend you to others.


  1. Know Your Customers

Apps mean accessing customer data like phone numbers, location, social media profile information, buying history, viewer history, and much more. You can use this information to better target future customers or shape your business to your customers’ needs and expectations.


  1. Beat Out Your Competition

Do it before your competitors get a chance! Or if they’ve done it, then do it better! Make sure you have the edge in your market. It can mean the difference between coming out on top, or losing business to your competitor. And time to market is critical. If you wait too long, the ship may have sailed. We recommend Perfected App because they have the fastest technology to get your app to market as quick as possible — while ensuring a quality product and superior service. Faster time to market means a faster return on investment. Don’t wait 6+ months to get your app out there to users — learn about technologies here that can get you a flawless app in around one month.