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Case Study

Case Study – InstaVet

September 08, 2017

“On-Demand Veterinarian Services”

With over 28 screens for the client side application, the system uses local DB with SQLite and other features such as:

  • Real-time notifications
  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Location services including GPS and Geo-Fencing
  • Map services
  • Geo-related areas of interest
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Credit Card OCR
  • Stripe Payment Gateway integration
  • General server integration along with blob assets uploading
  • Deep-linking for actions that happen offline on resume
  • Crash analytics that is connected to actual client entities allowing for personal follow-up

This entire system is backed by an AngularJS admin portal for managing records, users, and marshalling service between Vets and Customers.

The Vets have a tablet app that allows them to receive real-time requests and manage all of their patients. The Vets also have a point-of-sale system built into the application.


Using conventional development methods, an app this size including supporting solutions would have taken over a year to develop. At Perfected App, our AI-assisted tools allowed us to complete both a consumer version and a veterinarian version of the InstaVet app in only three weeks. That’s 28 screens with highly connected logic between different device types.